Modify a Supplier / Payee

Learn about the process of modifying suppliers or payees at Columbia University. 


  1. Vendor goes to Vendor / Payee Request Web Form (Department can request an address or header modification for suppliers or payees).
  2. Vendor / Payee completes information, submits updates.
  3. Vendor Management (VM) validates the information.
  4. VM follows up with the vendor/payee to resolve any questions or missing information.
  5. VM approves updates, enters updates into ARC.
  6. Vendor / Payee and/or Department requester are notified that the updated profile is ready for use. 

There are additional required steps for requests to modify disbursement information:

  1. Change from check to wire (international only).
  2. Change in wire information.
  3. Vendor/Payee goes to the online questionnaire and requests wire modification.
  4. Vendor Management authenticates the identity of the requester.
  5. Once the requester has been authenticated, the requester can then complete and submit the modification request.
  6. VM validates the submitted information.
  7. VM follows up with the vendor/payee to resolve and questions or missing information.
  8. VM approves the updates, updated information is entered into ARC.
  9. Vendor/Payee receives confirmation of the disbursement modification updates.

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