Medical Testing

See buying details for medical testing, including medical science research and experimentation. Preferred suppliers include McKesson Medical-Surgical.


You are strongly encouraged to use a preferred supplier with a University-Wide Purchasing Agreement (UwPA), if available, as they have already been approved by Columbia. Visit Learn about University-Wide Purchasing Agreements (UwPA) for more information.

Using a non-approved supplier will require a variety of different documentation and methods of payment, and, in some cases, will require competitive bidding. If you know the supplier that you would like to use, the ARC Vendor ID Lookup to see if the supplier already exists in our system.

Our [decision tree] tool is especially helpful if you're planning to make a larger purchase or are utilizing grant funds.

85130000 Medical science research and experimentation

Please note: Category Codes are necessary for proper routing of requisitions and for accurate reporting. Incorrect use of codes can result in misrouting, delays, or denial of requisitions by Central Purchasing.

Use the Procurement Mechanism spreadsheet to find the purchasing methods for this item.

UwPA Suppliers

When using a purchase order – Quote/Proposal should be obtained and uploaded against requisition Quote/Proposal Awarded.

Non-UwPA Suppliers

Required Documents

If applicable:

This category has no receiving requirements in ARC.

University-Wide Purchasing Agreement (UwPA) Suppliers

Supplier Information

ARC Supplier ID: 0000009158
ARC Contract Category Codes:

Please note: Only the following codes and categories are approved to be purchased from this supplier.

Contract Description

McKesson Medical-Surgical is the University's preferred supplier for the purchase of Medical Supplies, Instrumentation and Pharmaceuticals. Orders may be placed with McKesson by using DirectConnect or with an Auto Sourced Purchase Order.

It is important to note, by selecting to purchase an item from McKesson, there is no need to adhere to the University's Competitive Procurement Policy. 

Access to McKesson Direct Connect Portal

ARC Vendor ID: DC-McKesson Access to the McKesson Direct Connect Portal must be done via ARC Requisition Module, you MUST use the instructions provided below since the process of creating the requisition is different.

Click on the links below for job-aid instructions for placing orders:

  1. McKesson General information updated November 19, 2020.pdf
  2. McKesson DirectConnect Requisition Job-aid updated November 19, 2020.pdf
  3. McKesson Order tracking and Invoices Job-aid.pdf
  4. McKesson Procurement Origin Codes for website.pdf

Contact Information

Field Service Representative

Ashley Murphy

516- 382-0064

[email protected]

Customer Service - National Accounts

Tina Caine

844-462-5628 (Ext 50522)

[email protected]