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Traveling outside the United States (U.S.) can be a very enriching experience for Columbia students, faculty and staff. Going outside the U.S. also means that travelers will be exposed to different laws, local customs, unfamiliar risks and a number of other factors that need to be taken into account before, during and after international travel occurs. This requires careful planning, even for seasoned travelers. Each destination requires a different strategy for responding to small inconveniences, staying healthy and safe, and serious emergencies. These pages are intended to give Columbia travelers some essential tips and highlight available University resources to prepare for safe and fruitful travels.

NOTE: Prospective and Recently Appointed Faculty, Postdoctoral Research Scientists, Scholars, and Fellows; and Graduate Students traveling to relocate to New York City, should refer to the Columbia University Office of Work/Life.

ALERT: Please refer to the University's Preparedness website for important information regarding travel to Nepal:


Every Columbia community member considering international travel should carefully review:

(2) lists the steps that each traveler should follow to enter their trip information into ISOS MyTrips;

(3) lists steps to prepare for a specific travel destination, including some that should be taken well in advance of travel;

(4) includes information regarding available information technology and preparations to stay in touch;

(5) gives steps that can help to keep travelers healthy and safe;

(6) includes guidance on what should be done in an emergency;

(7) includes some things to consider after coming back to the U.S.;

(8) contains links to other web resources with short explanations regarding their purpose.

Throughout these pages we include contacts and resources specific to each topic.

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