See buying details for indexers.


You are strongly encouraged to use a preferred supplier with a University-Wide Purchasing Agreement (UwPA), if available, as they have already been approved by Columbia. Visit Learn about University-Wide Purchasing Agreements (UwPA) for more information.

Using a non-approved supplier will require a variety of different documentation and methods of payment, and, in some cases, will require competitive bidding. If you know the supplier that you would like to use, the ARC Vendor ID Lookup to see if the supplier already exists in our system.


Please note: Category Codes are necessary for proper routing of requisitions and for accurate reporting. Incorrect use of codes can result in misrouting, delays, or denial of requisitions by Central Purchasing.

Use the Procurement Mechanism spreadsheet to find the purchasing methods for this item.

UwPA Suppliers

No additional documentation is required for UwPA suppliers.

Non-UwPA Suppliers

There may be additional documents required for this category.

This category has no receiving requirements in ARC.

University-Wide Purchasing Agreement (UwPA) Suppliers

There are no preferred UwPA suppliers for this category.