Host Country

Staff Based in the Host Country

Have the responsibility of understanding and complying with all applicable policies and procedures and for notifying the appropriate staff (their supervisor, their respective administrative staff, or central University staff) regarding questions, barriers to compliance, or administrative areas that appear to be missing guidance.

In general terms:

→ Overall responsibility for financial management of the international program rests with the in-country Project Director or Country Lead, who serves as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO);

→ Individual programs are managed by the Principal Investigators (PI), coordinating with the CAO on financial management processes; and

→ The CAO and, as applicable, the PI must ensure appropriate handling of the funds although the CAO and PI may delegate responsibility for day-to-day financial management of a particular grant, gift, or other funding source to others within the international program.

The first point of contact for host country-based staff will most commonly be the the department's U.S.-based administrative staff. Procedures should clarify and confirm communication protocols.

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