Goods and Services Catalog

Use the Goods and Services Catalog to locate products and services for your department by searching for the appropriate product or service category. Each category page will identify whether the good or service can be acquired from a preferred supplier.

You should purchase from preferred suppliers whenever possible. Preferred suppliers all have University-Wide Purchasing Agreements (UwPAs) in place.

If no preferred suppliers are listed, review the page's information to learn how to purchase from other “non-preferred suppliers. Many non-preferred suppliers may already be set up in Columbia's financial system. Use the Vendor ID Lookup Tool below to search for their information in ARC. 

Use this guide if you're a new user seeking step-by-step purchasing guidance, including documentation requirements.

If you need to purchase from a non-UwPA supplier, use the ARC Vendor Lookup Tool to see if the supplier already exists in ARC.

Use this tool to find the appropriate category codes that match the good or service you wish to purchase. For additional assistance with category codes, refer to the Category Codes job aid.

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