Construction and Facilities


For upcoming opportunities at Columbia University, please visit Requests for Proposals and Notice to Bidders.

With the exception of off-site faculty practices, all work within this category must receive the prior approval of the department’s facilities representative before a requisition for a purchase order can be approved. Please visit one of the following websites for your facilities contact:

Off-site faculty practices should contact the Team Lead for Construction/Facilities Purchasing prior to engaging facilities-related services.

Vendor Compliance Training

Please click on the link below to view an overview of Columbia University's 2023 Compliance Guidelines. This video covers a range of useful information useful to help vendors successfully operate and navigate within the University. Topics include Occupational, Fire, and Environmental Safety, the Contractor Code of Conduct, Prohibited Behavior and Prohibitive Items, Security and Access, Occupant/Tenant Protection, Required Signage, and Incident Management.

2023 Columbia University Contractor Compliance Training - Session 2 - Zoom

MWLBE Sub-Contractors Opportunities

All new suppliers in this category must be vetted and approved by the Supplier Management Steering Committee (SMSC) and entered into the Columbia Vendor Management system before any engagement to work for Columbia. In most cases, a Columbia affiliate, usually from a Facilities department, will submit an application to the SMSC for consideration of a new supplier. If the requestor adequately justifies the need, the supplier will be contacted and advised on the next steps. Any firm interested in doing business with Columbia should complete and submit the Construction & Facilities Prospective Suppliers Inquiry Form.

MWLBE Sub-Contractor List

To assist firms with identifying MWLBE sub-contractors, Columbia University has prepared the above list of certified minority-owned, woman-owned, and/or locally-based businesses that have either performed work at Columbia University or have participated in Columbia University’s vendor development program. Please note that this is not a preferred or approved vendor listColumbia University does not warrant the viability, skill, or experience of these firms. Your firm is responsible for evaluating the qualifications of these subcontractors and making a determination as to whether these sub-contractors are suitable for the performance of the work. Unless otherwise directed by Columbia University, your firm is not limited to selecting sub-contractors from this list and may use any qualified subcontractor at your firm’s discretion, subject to Columbia University’s approval. This list is updated each year in January and July.

Trades and services that fall under the Construction/Facilities category and that are subject to SMSC approval include:

To update your vendor profile, please visit the Vendor Modification Portal and log into PaymentWorks. For more information visit the Vendors, Suppliers, and Individuals page.

First-time users in PaymentWorks may be required to register first. If so, please send an email to Jeff Csoka at jc4984 and request a registration invitation.

For expired insurance, please email all updated certificates to [email protected].

Instructions for Becoming a New Supplier

Columbia awards the following contracts for Facilities-related suppliers:

Task Order: Contractors, such as electricians and plumbers, who provide general services that could be utilized in most, if not all, areas of Columbia (Academic and Residential Buildings, Labs and Research Facilities, Buildings and Grounds) might be awarded a task order contract. The agreement allows the engagement of these suppliers for small dollar jobs that are not competitively bid and that might be for emergency situations. Assignments are usually through a work order system, and billing is set at the approved time and material rates and, in some cases, all-inclusive unit pricing. These contracts are normally awarded to firms that have extensive experience working for Columbia or who have won a contract through a competitive process. The renewable contract duration is for 3 years.

Term Agreement: Similar to a Task Order Contract, but applicable to consultants (for example Architects, Engineers, Estimators). Contracts include approved rates and other associated costs. The renewable contract duration is for 3 years.

Service Agreement: Awarded for specific services associated with equipment maintenance or for select locations within the University. These contracts are normally awarded through a competitive bid process unless the equipment is proprietary and, in most cases, have a duration of 3 to 5 years. Most contracts will include fixed scope pricing and labor rates for additional services or repairs.

Project Specific Agreement: Contracts awarded for a single project that has a defined start and end date. Agreements that fall under this category include Construction Management, General Contracting, and Consultant services. In most cases, these contracts are awarded following a competitive bid process.


For additional information, please contact the Construction/ Facilities Purchasing Team Lead.

During the COVID-19 health emergency, all Columbia University facilities organizations have implemented the New York State Construction Guidelines for all construction and facilities-related activities. Please visit NYS Construction Guidelines for guidance on mandatory and recommended best practices, and contact your Columbia facilities representative(s) if you have any questions or concerns.

To report a contractor's violation of the COVID-19 mandatory guidelines, please submit an incident report via the COVID-19 Contractor Compliance Tracker

Columbia University has a negotiated purchasing agreement with Steelcase Inc, for a pre-selected range of contract furniture. Steelcase products should be used whenever possible. 

Steelcase Furniture Resource Link 

B2B Exchange | B2B Exchange (

This link will direct you to a Columbia University-approved Steelcase Marketplace. This site allows you to easily receive quotes for approved Steelcase Furniture. Please note this site is not linked to Columbia's Finance system and generates quotes only. Users must initiate a requisition and attach a Steelcase quote in order to purchase furniture.