Changing a Fund Amount

To increase the amount of a Petty Cash Fund

You must:


Complete the "To Increase (or Decrease) a Petty Cash Fund" section of the Petty Cash Administration Form  Complete, sign and email to   Please include the changes in the numbers of participants to substantiate the increase.   

Complete and sign Reconciliation Worksheet


The Office of the Controller will review your request and contact you with any questions or their decision.  After your request has been approved by the Controller’s Office, the custodian will be notified by email with the amount approved and instructions.   The email from the Controllers will also include an attachment with supporting documentation which should be attached to the increase voucher in ARC.  Vouchers without this documentation will not be approved by the Controller’s Office. 


Voucher Requirements for Increase of PC fund amount:

  • Documentation must be attached to the voucher with all approvals (Documentation for this step was emailed to the Custodian as an attachment on the approval email.) 
  • Department should select the correct vendor for the petty cash account.  See address line 3 for the PC#. 
  • Department must use Account 11990 as part of the ChartString.
  • Department must use the same project and department on the Administration form.
  • Department should assign ADHoc Approver, Kim Savan, to the voucher for FR&O approval. 
  • After voucher is approved by Controllers, it will be routed to AP for final approval.   A check will be issued after AP approval.


Note: Circumstances requiring Petty Cash Funds of greater than $500 will need to be approved by the Office of the Controller and may necessitate additional documentation. Contact for more information.



To decrease the amount of a Petty Cash Fund


You must:

Complete the "To Increase (or Decrease) a Petty Cash Fund" section of the Petty Cash Administration Form

A completed and signed Reconciliation Worksheet

Cash on hand:  Attach a copy of the approved FFE Cash Module “Cash-View” print-out from the Cashier teller.  For more information, see the FFE Cash Module training.

Receipts on hand: Create a Zero Voucher in ARC:  A zero voucher is a voucher with two lines that nets to zero.   One of the lines in the voucher should be crediting 11990 (amount should be negative) and debiting the department expense chartstring for the total amount of receipts.  (Attach to the voucher all documentation listed above).  This voucher should be submitted for Ad-Hoc approval to the Office of the Controllers.  After Controller’s Office approves the voucher for the decrease, the voucher will be routed for approval to Accounts Payable.  AP will review your receipts and notify you if additional information is necessary.