Budget Process at Columbia

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About the Class:

This hands-on training session will cover the basics of the Columbia budget process in the ARC environment including how to enter direct activity, dealing with allocations and transfers, entering payroll information, batch uploads and other processes. There will also be a discussion of submission dates and expectations regarding the use of Consolidated Operating Budget reports (COBs) and how to deal with variances and funding variables. 120-minutes

A hands-on Q&A will follow the overview and demo. Feel free to bring your own department-specific examples for in-class review.

Before attending this class, please review the following web-based trainings: 


  1. For all new Budget Tool users, you must complete the Budget Tool web-based training prior to attending the live class. 
  2. You must have your own FinSys Access ID with Budget Tool Access in order to participate in the live class.

Topics covered include:

  • Budgeting ARC ChartStrings
  • Using the Direct Activity screens
  • Using the Payroll module
  • Auto-calculating fringe benefits and administrative fees
  • Budget Project Life
  • Budgeting a transfer
  • Reading and utilizing your COB reports
  • Checking for pending budget actions awaiting approval
  • Producing an up-to-date budget report
  • Using the Batch Upload module
  • Creating a batch template in Excel

Class is taught by representatives from the Office of Management and Budget.