Allowable Uses


Necessary and reasonable food (such as sandwiches and beverages, NOT including alcohol) brought into the office for business meetings, costing $80 or less. Expenses for food exceeding $25 must be accompanied by original receipts. 


Small food purchases for office pantry use (though ordering from a food service is preferred).


Local transportation, taxi/limo service, parking, and tolls for in-town business purposes. (Note: Air fare, train tickets, car rentals or taxi/limo services used for out-of-town travel are to be submitted using a Travel & Business Expense Report).


Necessary and reasonable minor business transactions, not to exceed $80 (See Business Expense Policy for more information)


Emergency purchases of office supplies costing $80 or less. Normal office supply purchases should always be made using a P-Card, Purchase Order/EZPO, or the Staples Advantage program.


• For qualifying payments to human subjects engaged in research activities - may exceed $80 ( see Payment Procedures for Human Subjects Research Participants).


Minor approved business expenses may be reimbursed from the fund using the Petty Cash Reimbursement ProcessNote: Reimbursements for expenses that are older than 120 days should NOT be reimbursed using Petty Cash.    Such expenses must be processed using a  Travel and Business Expense Report and will require Supplemental Approval.